Per-world TPA Solution?

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  1. Is there a solution for having players to only be able to teleport to players in only their group of worlds. Lets say I have a builder world for our builders and a regular world for our players, how do I stop players from one to teleport to another?

    This is not possible with essentials, I've tried.
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    It would be a pretty simple thing to implement in a custom coded plugin. If nobody else does it before I get back from work today, I can make one for you.
  3. Get multiverse and remove there permission for tping to another world. and if you want someone to tp to a world the permission would be: multiverse.access.(world name) that will give them access to that one world. and if you dont want them to tp to that world just remove that perm! Hope this helps!
  4. The problem with this is, a player in another world would get the tp message, it would cause confusion and dysfunction.
  5. That would be awesome! I'm sure others would love this plugin too! I've looked everywhere and people stuck in the same situation are limited to one world or gamemode on a multiple in one server.
  6. I would do it. What was all in the plugin?

    Players should be able to teleport only when they are in the same world something else?
  7. Players cannot tp to other players in other worlds. Preferably world groups so people in the nether can tp to people in the linked overworld.
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    This is my take on it.
  9. No way! Thank you so much! I can definitely guarantee I won't be the only on thanking you!
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    It's all good. It's something I threw together in a short time, so be sure to PM me if you find any issues.
  11. What's up with that plugin?
  12. What about the plugin?
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    What do you mean? I made one that accomplishes the stated objective. Did you try it and it didn't work or something?

    That doesn't meet the needs of the OP. He wants the ability to use groups of worlds, not just same world.
  14. wow, true, I did not read it right, sorryyyyyyyy: 3
  15. Do you use essentials? If you don't add the essentials.worlds.worldname then players shouldn't be able to teleport across worlds.
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    The last relevant reply was " Strahan, Jul 24, 2017 " please guys if you need help with this start a new thread this is just insanely necroposting for no reason,
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    lol funny, that was my own comment yet I didn't even realize it was that old myself :D
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  18. I usually try to watch out for this, but I guess because it was in the "new" section I didn't bother looking at the date.