Percentages In Java?

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  1. Hello everyone. I am fairly new to java so please bare with me. I found a template online for percentages that i'm currently using for my boss plugin (mob drops is the thing I need fixed here).
    Here is some of the code:
    Code (Text):
          if (x -= 4.0D < 0.0D)
            dropItem(loc, new ItemBuilder(Material.MOB_SPAWNER, 91).getItem());
    The if (x -= 4.0D < 0.0D) gives me an eclipse error (The operator -= is undefined for type(s) double, boolean.), I guess what I found online was old, was wondering if any of you can give me a quick fix / answer to this?

  2. Please just learn java first.
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  3. Choco


    That is valid Java. He just made a simple mistake
    Put "x -= 4.0D" in parenthesis
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  4. this is the short form for
    Code (Text):
    x = x - 4;
    which will reduce the value of the variable
    if that is not what you realy want use
    Code (Text):
     if (x - 4 < 0)
  5. Thank you, unlike that StalexDev guy hes no help :p
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  6. StalexDev said the right thing. I learned Java after making a few help posts and never made anymore.
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  7. Yeah I realize that he's right, but he's not helping :p
  8. Not even a typo? :eek:

    But really, claiming to never make a mistake again is just unrealistic.
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  9. I mean't needing to make help posts. Anyways I was wrong in this post. @sirderp, sorry.
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  10. So now you are bashing on me when I'm just advising you the right thing. I am helping you by telling you to learn Java first before jumping into something like the Spigot API but whatever...
  11. -= would be a bad operator here anyhow, you're decrementing the x value by 4 so any use afterward will also be reduced by 4.

    As for percentages that's not really an idealistic approach anyhow, but it depends on surrounding code.
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