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  1. hello spigot comunity i got a few qwestions

    1. is ther any way to force a server to run on more then 1 core ?
    2. doas it make sins to run a minecraft server on a realtime kernel to gain more power out off the root?
    3.if the first point not able is it able to force a minecraft server to a procesore core ?

    4.Is the hoster server 4you a got hoster for minecraft server ? i got now the power xl from ther

    thank you for help me

    and excuse may grematiks im german lrs ......
  2. joehot200


    Servers CANNOT run the main thread on more than 1 core.

    Getting minecraft hosts is honestly shit. They give you a horrible MultiCraft control panel with nothing else.

    I dunno what you mean by the kernel, however i wouldn't think it would get you more power.

    You can force minecraft to a processor core (i think) - but whats the point?
  3. when i run bungeed cord all server run on core one this core is by 100 load

    iff i can set let say lobby to core 1 city to core 2 and so on becurse this server has 8 cors all run on 2,3 ghz so i wuld be mush better to split this but how
  4. joehot200


    2.3Ghz? Thats horrible!
  5. yes i know but wher shuld i get a got dedicated server for 48€ per month ?

    wich is able to run minecraft server with many plugins and stuff ?
  6. joehot200


    If you are running 4 servers or less go for 4 cores and 3.4Ghz with OVH.
  7. and how many ram shuld i get now i have 32 gb is this ok ?
  8. joehot200


    I ran 130 people on 6GB. 32GB should be fine.
  9. thank you
    ok i will lock for one and post it here when i found one

    the other you know how to force a server to run on one core mean loby on core one city on core two and so on
    and what about the realtime kernel ??