Performance per instance.

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  1. Hello,

    Have been doing some research on this recently and I was wondering if the community could give some insight based on experience.

    If you own a large network and use BungeeCord, what is the maximum player count you can hold comfortably on a single instance (assuming BungeeCord has its own 4 core dedicated machine)?

    Even if you don't own a large network, open to all opinions regarding performance with BungeeCord vs. Waterfall vs. Lilypad.
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    I don't personally own a large network but I know quite a few owners.

    You can easily hold 1000 players on a single instance, using the rule of thumb of 512mb ram per 500 players. It will also depend on the processor you are using, and the network backbone. (Vanilla BungeeCord)

    Lilypad is seen as less resource intensive as it's not built on java, hence some people prefer it.
  3. Waterfall focuses on stabability, features, and scalability.