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  1. Hi, my current dedicated server has 2 Xeon E5504 cpus and 32gb of ram. Is normal for this processor to not be able to handle 10 players at the same time without getting the error "Can't keep up! Is the server overloaded?" and without lag (block placement and world generation chunks) ???
    If the answer is yes is there something I can do without changing the cpus?
  2. Version? How much RAM for server?
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    A usual multi-thread server CPU is not going to be able to properly handle a game server, especially not a Minecraft one which is mainly a single threaded application. You should get one that is high up on this list. (Basically desktop/gaming CPUs)
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  4. Version 1.15.2 and 16gb dedicated (I know that 10 is enough but I let 16 because why not)

    Yeah, I know in fact I've wanted to ask if there is some workaround to this... One that came in mind was to let java think that it's working on a simulated core that computes using all the cores but 1 I don't even know to start to do something like this and 2 it seems absurd.
  5. I have had this exact problem I just bought a new dedicated server (own datacenter) and didnt solve it, the answer is not to buy a better cpu that what can already handle it, is to be fixed on the dev's side... Can we talk over on discord? my tag is Steve | Alpaca#7291