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  1. So, I own a network named Sarefine, we're currently looking into cramming every bit of performance into each server, as players prefer to all be on one server. So i've taken some timings, we only have about 170 people on at the time, however it should be useful either way.

    If there is any other information that you would want, lmk, thanks in advance.
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    What exactly are you looking for or to change? If your server is running fine (which by the timings, it is) then why bother changing things?
  3. It sort of starts to go down, and then goes up, want me to send an updated one?
  4. if your server is a survival one how in earth do u get 150+ players at a 20tps :(

    I Cant even get 50 players at a 20tps and im running paper with a bunch of optimization + a dedciated server all to myself for 1 server running a i7 4790k :(
  5. If you want high TPS,use paper spigot and do the following:

    -Get the max chunks to 3-5.
    -where it says item despawn add it to like 60 seconds (works well when there are lagspikes because of the fact that after the items are cleared by lagg halt at a different amount of seconds,between wich may be lag.Arrow despawn should be half of the normal size
    -if its a server with hoppers ,please increase everything about hoppers with 2-4 for a faster speed without modification in moves per second

    -Allow hopper changes
    -No cat on container verification

    Use a ClearLag plugin,and try to limit the plugins you use.
  6. Yeah but we're a practice server, people cannot build, and there are no mobs.
  7. That makes all the difference.
  8. Yeah, I found what was causing the lag, worldguard for some reason was.
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