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  1. Do you know any plugins that makes the server usage go down. Please don't say ClearLag because ClearLag do the oposite. I allready use PaperMC (I'll allready did the optimization config on it) and a stacker plugin. What can I put else to have better performance?
  2. Ask the Paper people why your server doesn't work right.
  3. send timings report
  4. What’s causing the lag?
  5. No they is not any real lag problems on my server, I was just wandering how I could have even less lag :)
  6. Optimise your server software files then
  7. Yes I did that but are they even more ways? With plugins?
  8. Remove the stacker plugin to improve your performance, your server is probably fighting to spawn animals. Doing more than it should, just like clearlagg, causing more harm than that it helps.
  9. Ok! But I see a lot of "optimisation your server tps" plugins. But can plugins do that?
  10. You can't fix a computer if you don't know the bottleneck. No use putting i9 cpu in there with ssd drive, if you use some integrated gpu that is made to browse a site and play youtube, but not for modern warfare, cod gaming.

    Get a timings report that is hour long, and see where the bottleneck is, and fix that.

    Sometimes just configuring your mc server helps 25% to 50% more than throwing plugins at it
  11. As stated above, If you want you can send us a timings report so we can see how the best way to optimize your server will be :)
  12. Ok! I will do that. But just to say the server does not have very big lag problems.
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  13. That's ok it's just good to see the report, it helps us on our end :)
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  14. Viewing distance tweaks is a good plugin for server optimization
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  15. If you send your timings report past or one hour, we can say what you should made.
  16. send timings report