Permanent DeOP

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by scarreer, Jun 20, 2021.

  1. Is there a plugin that will permanently /deop everyone? I've tried google searches but nothing useful comes up
  2. What do you mean by "permanently"? I wouldn't imagine you want to prevent them from being OP ever again.
    Perhaps you can just clear the 'ops.json' file in your server folder? You'll have to reload/restart the server, but you don't necessarily need a plugin for it if it's a rare occurrence or has to be done manually.
  3. By permanently, I mean that no one will ever be able to be an operator. For example, if I do a /op command, it will automatically deop the user who I tried to op
  4. You want to disable the ability to make players operators? May I ask why?
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  5. Just disable the permission to use the op command for everyone (including yourself)?
  6. Seems a little redundant when you could just not op anybody - or like 6_28 said, use a permissions plugin to negate the permission from all players so that only the console may use it. Otherwise you'd have to take extra steps to make sure your plugin isn't preventing you from making somebody op when you actually want to.
    If you're op yourself, then you'll still be able to run the command and op other players, but that's something entirely controlled by only you.
  7. I have written a plugin in the past that disables /op for players and will deop players at login. I can dig it out and update it if you want.
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  8. If you are using LuckPerms, there is option in the config disable-vanilla-ops (or something similar)
  9. If using pex, just set permission -minecraft.commands.op for everyone.