Solved Permanent error on Plugins

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  1. Hi !

    First sorry for my bad english i try to be the more accurate i can

    I have a problem with all the plugin i install , they work that wasn't the problem .

    The problem is when i try to change something in a file yml , that doesnt work but if i do a command in Minecraft , it writes what i write before in the yml but that work !

    For example : i want to add some permissions in a group with the plugin , i write the permission in the yml but it do an error BUT if i go in minecraft and i add the permissions with a command , that wrtie exactely the same words that before .

    I use NotePad++ for information

    I hope that you can solve my problem

  2. are you using a permissions plugin? ..... permissionsex
  3. Yeah fore sure i use GroupManager .

    But the problem isn't only with Permissions but with other plugin too ( Jobs , GroupManager for exemple .. )
  4. When you added the permission in your groups.yml use /manload ingame.
    this will reload the groups.yml and load your 'updated' config.
  5. I do this but that was an error when i write in the yml
  6. I suggest changing to Pex because its better and easier.
  7. Idk which version you use but I think groupmanager is broken in 1.12 (Not sure if it's just me) , I had it yesterday after updating to 1.12, Any saves permission in a rank didn't work, if you are in 1.12, well, then PermissionsEx it is, I never thought I would use Pex but I had to,...

    It may look harder in the start, but eventually you'll get it.