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  1. Ok, so I am using luckperms, and I know how to use it. But I can not find any semispecifics on what permissions need to be assigned. Lik, is everything not accessable until a permission is given to a group. Or do I need to specifically set permissions to false for groups thatbI dont want to have them. I am setting up a semipublic server, but all the resources teach how to do things, but not what needs to be done. Any advice or tips in this area would be helpful.
  2. By default, not a lot of permissions are already given to the player. Plugins define themselves if they want everybody, ops or nobody to have a permission by default. Here's an example of bukkit's own commands, which permissions they have and who they're assigned to by default.
  3. I see. I like how that documentation is layed out. I am noticing that isnt always the case. Like essentialsx has a nice permissions page, but doesnt list default assignment. I assume that means none are assigned by default? I know you may not know for that plugin, but is that a safe assumption?
  4. Usually plugins do not have default permissions, and if they do, they're usually permissions that 98% of servers would give players anyway. Like a chat plugin might have a permission that allows the player to see the chat set as default, as it's highly unlikely any server would by default prevent their players from seeing the chat. If you're making a survival server you shouldn't worry about default permissions at all, considering they're usually so basic you would give them to your players anyway. I haven't yet met a single plugin suited for a survival server that has default permissions that would go against basic logic (such as getting creative etc)
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  5. That makes sense, then as I add further permissions it just works. Then i should only have to disable permissions if it is an inheritance thing. Much appreciated!
  6. No problem sir, to further mention. The only permission given by default that a lot of servers have disabled is the permission to perform /plugins. Just incase that would happen to confuse you. Good luck :)

    Edit: Bukkit permission, obviously I can't speak for all plugins