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  1. How do I add the permission so default members can only do /lobby which is the default server but no /survival or any other server?
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    Bungeecord does not have a /survival or /lobby command, check the plugin's resource/dev page. :)

    If you want to remove /server, just take away the permission in the BungeeCord config.yml.
    Code (Text):
      - bungeecord.command.server
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  3. Yeah I know, I was talking about my servers. Thank you soo much, my server is finally done :)
  4. Not working..
    Well to explain better if now someone join the server he can do /pvp_map, /survival which are servers I made but I don't want them to be able doing this. I want them to only be able doing /lobby which is my default server. Is there a way for doing this? I removed all the permissions from the default group but they can still use them..
  5. by /lobby do you really mean /server lobby? /lobby is not a bungeecord command
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  6. Everyone can go to any server by just typing it's name like this /survival.
    How can I make it so they can only do /lobby(my default server).
    Thanks your plugin is really helpful but I still need help...
  7. Ok that's weird, the problem was occurred because of slashserver. What can I do so they can use only /lobby with slashserver and not all the servers?
  8. Ok I fixed it, thanks for helping :)