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  1. I tried to locate anything about permission inheritance specifically concerning PermissionsEx w/SQL, but alas I was unable to.

    I am adding the BungeeSuiteSpawn component to my Bungee server, however the permission for it only works when applied directly to the user or to the group the user is a direct member of. If I apply the permission to a group where the user inherits the permissions, the /spawn command no longer works stating I do not have access to that command.

    Is there something I can do to enable PEX inheritance for Bungee plugins? Is this a limitation of Bungee / BungeeSuite / PEX?

    Awesome server and proxy btw!
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    Bungee's built in permissions do not have inheritance, but users can have multiple groups. Not sure what PEX has to do with this since its a Bukkit not Bungee plugin.
  3. Sorry, I should have been more clear. It seems you are correct in that it uses Bukkit permissions instead of Bungee because when I added the perms to Bungee it did nothing. I'm just learning Bungee so I'm still getting some of the setup mixed up.

    It looks like this might be a problem with the BungeeSuiteSpawn plugin itself as the PEX inheritance is not working correctly with it (although I have no clue what the ramifications of what I'm saying are).

    In case I'm still being clear as mud:

    Summary of PEX permissions:

    Group: MyGroup1
    Perm: bungeesuite.spawn.spawn

    Group: MyGroup2
    Inherit: MyGroup1

    A user in MyGroup1 can use the spawn command. A user in MyGroup2 cannot.

    All other Bukkit plugins whose permissions are inherited via groups work OK.

    I'll make a post under the BungeeSuiteSpawn forum.
  4. It seems this is specific to PEX when using mySQL as I had to run /PEX RELOAD for the changed permissions to take effect.

    I recently changed my PEX setup to use MySQL since I now have a multi-server setup, and I didn't know this was necessary. My file-based permissions always applied immediately.

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