Permission Manager Advice? (1 user in 2 groups)

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  1. Hello everybody! :D

    I was wondering if there was a way to assign a user to two permission groups in any type of permission manager plugin. Currently, I use GroupManager. I have 4 tiers of donor ranks (VIB, VIB+, SIB, SIB+) and 2 tiers of staff ranks (Guide and Mod); I also use the Buy Craft donation plugin.
    When a user purchases a rank on my server, Buy Craft runs the command "/manpromote {player} {group}". My problem is when I have a staff member purchasing a rank on the server. Currently, I have groups set up so there's different staff member groups (Ex: I have the "Guide_VIB" group which gives the Guide permissions to a VIB staff member and "Guide_SIB_PLUS" which gives the Guide permissions to a SIB+ staff member). So if I have a staff member who is a Guide and they upgrade their donor rank by one tier to SIB, Buycraft will run the command "/manpromote {player} SIB" which will result in the staff member losing their Guide perks and only gaining the SIB perks.

    Basically, I was wondering if there was a way so that there could be "main" and "sub" groups. The main groups would never change when a user is promoted (Ex: non-staff, staff, youtuber) then the subgroups would be my donor ranks. That way, you could have a VIB+ staff and a SIB staff, or a VIB youtuber and a SIB+ youtuber.

    This would make it so if say, a YouTuber purchases a donor rank, they will still keep their YouTuber permissions, but gain new perks from the rank they just purchased when the payment is processed and command executed through Buycraft.

    Any suggestions? (atm I have to tell my staff to not purchase ranks unless I'm online to manually give them their staff rank back)
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    With PermissionsEx you can set a user to more than one group, I don't know about other plugins though as I've only used PEX. I use "promote" for my in-game free ranks and use "add" to set donor ranks so they keep their original. @JakeDaaBud
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  3. Thanks :) I actually a half hour ago figured out that with GroupManager I can just set my non-staff and non-youtubers to the "Default" group and if they buy a rank have Buycraft provide them the VIB, VIB+, SIB, or SIB+ Sub Groups. This way users stay in their assigned group (Default, Guide, Moderator, and YouTube) but can still upgrade their donor rank as they wish and keep their main group's perks.

    Thank you though :)
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