Solved PermissionChange event?

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  1. Is there any event or way to detect when a player gains or looses a permission?
    I have been through the API but I coudn't find any
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  3. Ohh, sorry. I have a plugin with permissions that store the amount of things that a user can have, for example plugin.item.3, and that permission may be edited by something like luckyperms to plugin.item.5. I'd like to be able to detect that change
  4. So I have discoverd that luckyperms has events but I don't really know witch one I have to use to check this
  5. I think you can use nodeMutationEvent with isUser() check. Remeber that it's not bukkit events.
  6. How can I register It?
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  8. But how can I get a LuckPerms instance, it is an interface
  9. Read the LuckPerms wiki. It has it on the first page