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  1. Greetings, i have problem. I maked a prefix with permission . with options all okay. Permission is working but prefix don't show. Help
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    Hey @gamer00565!
    Can you add your PermissionsEx config file as a spoiler?
    But... Maybe you used commands wrongly - /pex group <group> set prefix <prefix>

    Side question: Does your server have a certain gamemode (factions, survival, etc) or other plugins that can change the chat format?
  3. No. My server dont have plugins what can change the format.
  4. config.png 1-config 2-permissions permissions.png
  5. Ummm did you tried to add your self in a group even? try add your self to a group and then check. /pex group <group> user add <user> i think, long time i didn't use pex so i don't remember. Also i recommend you use LuckPerms its safe, trusted and better.
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    Also, if you are using Essentials then have you changed EssentialsChat settings or format?
  7. luck perms is hard plugin for me
  8. Screenshot_1.png ummm nickname dont need to be red and where is prefix??
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    Can you send a list of plugins?
    And if you use command /pl then PermissionsEx is red or green?
  10. Your name is red because you are op! as what i see in your permission file (permission.yml) theres no any users added. there just 2 groups user and VIP but there no any user. Please add your self in one of groups then try it again. Till you don't add someone in a group, they won't get any prefix. Also if the op color (red name) is annoying, change it in essentials (set ops-name-color: to 'none') then op names will white.
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  11. okay thx
  12. yes of course. green
  13. Screenshot_5.png
  14. Uhh okay fuck it pex i download luckperms
  15. Here's a coffee and relax :coffee: , if you

    1. Never place yourself in a group
    2. Never solve the issue that may not be the permission plugin's fault

    You will never solve the issue.