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  1. I made some groups and wanted to make it like that example : [Vip] Sneacko [Helper] how can i do this?
    Pls help me
  2. I don't fully understand what you want to achieve, do you want to make it so helpers have all vip permissions? If that is what your trying to do you should use this command "/pex group <group> parents set <parents>". To give helpers all vip permissions you would need to do "/pex group helper parents set vip". If you can't get this to work I would like to do it for you, in case you want my help feel free to pm me.
  3. Thats how my server looks [Elf] Sneacko > , i wan't other players for example vip's or staff to have [Elf] Sneacko [Owner] > or [Elf] Sneacko [Vip]
  4. I know other servers have that i want to have 2 groups in chat thats why i changed to pex
  5. So you mean a players chat should look like this "[owner] Name [vip]"? You can use the prefix and suffix for that. The prefix will add a tag in front of the players name and the suffix will add a tag behind their name.
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  6. Thank you thats what I needed but a youtuber already told me thank you guys :)