permissions do not work

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  1. I use group manager and I have done my ranks but when I put the essentials X permissions it keeps telling me that I do not have permission to that command
  2. Here before someone neglects to help you at all and just says "Don't use groupmanager"

    In all seriousness, you need to give more information than that if you want help. It sounds like you don't have the perms set up right. Make sure you have the latest version of both plugins and that you are in the proper rank you want to test.
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  3. what perlission did you give ? maybe it's incorrect ?
    I totally agree, I always recommend LuckPerms but I recommend it, not force to use it. And before recommending LP, I help the person to find the problem with his current permission plugin. But some people only say "use LuckPerms" and ignore completely the initial question
  4. EssentialsX? If all your permissions are functional and only Essentials commands aren't working. It happened to me before, I only fixed it by adding essentials.* to my user and group perms and removing, I did that until it would finally work. Restart ur server once in a while after adding and removing.
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    You'd be better off figuring out the issue. "Fixing" it in that manner would be a bit of a headache.