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  1. I recently set up a bungeecord server, and when I try to execute any bungee plugin related commands, I get 'You do not have permission to execute this command!' I've already linked LuckPerms to a MySQL server and I've added the permission nodes for many commands, but it does not work. Can somebody tell me what the issue is / how to fix it? I have a deadline to finish server setup, and this is a big hold back.

    (NOTE: I've already added the permission nodes to my group in LuckPerms)

    EDIT: I know about adding players to the 'admin' group in the config, but I need a way to add nodes via luckeperms so I can manage players' access to commands.
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  3. I've tried the command, and I just get a standard 'unknown command'. Do I need a special dependency for this?

    EDIT: Where do I get the bungeecord version of LuckPerms and where do I place the jar?
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  5. The command /lpb still gets nothing