Permissions Plugins

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Permissions Plugin

  1. PermissionsEx

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  2. LuckPerms

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  3. GroupManager

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  4. Ultra Permissions [Paid]

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  1. Permissions Plugins

    Just wondering what permission plugin do you use now?

    - PermissionsEx
    - GroupManager
    - LuckPerms

    Please let me know :) or what else
  2. PermissionsEx is one of the best permissions plugins (my opinion).
  3. I agree I am making a plugin support certain permissions plugin so I just wanted to see
  4. Aeternum


    What exactly are you attempting to implement?
  5. Commands like /setrank /addrank

    Just making certain commands simpler in my Core that I may be giving to more than one network
  6. If it wasn't for the fact it's years outdated and unsupported.
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  7. If you are looking for a free one I would go with Luck Perms.
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  8. It is by no means outdated, a lot run it on 1.12.2 just fine including me.
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  9. I like LuckPerms for the feature they have including the Timed Permissions
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  10. Aeternum


    Oof, im present.
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  11. Aeternum


    *Makes perms plugin, recommends different plugin.*
    Eh I guess I do that too. Pex doesnt support bungee at all anymore, and I probably wont implement bungee support anytime soon.

  12. Aeternum


    I really like your pfp @TechsCode
    Very satisfying.
  13. Your about a year too late. I fully changed over to LP...Sry.
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  14. Agree, LP has alot more feature.
    That's to my opinion.
  15. Self advertising is not allowed i guess. And thanks for the feedback for the pfp