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  1. Hi, first off, I would like to know if anyone knows anything about setting up servers on bungee that are permission linked. As in both servers have the same plugins and ranks, and if one person gets ranked on one server, they can also be ranked on the other server simultaneously. I heard this is possible with MySQL and permissionsEX?

    I would also love if anyone could tell me how to upkeep the actual bungee server, how many restarts per time period does it need to keep performance running well?

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    Restart my bungee every few days, sometimes every week.
  3. I once left my bungee running for 25 days constant. Seems to have no effect on performance if you leave it on that long
  4. Yes it is possible with pex mysql backend. If you want different permissions on different servers then make the world file name different for each server and define the perms with multi world perms. It is a pain to manage perms on mysql because you have to use commands.
  5. You can setup the basics in a flatfile, end then in Pex export that config to SQL.
    Import it to your SQL and reconfigure Pex to use SQL.

    It's all in the documentation.
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    There is a bungee plugin called perms++ or permissions++ which is specifically meant for bungee, i believe.
  7. Hm, ok thanks guys I will try this out.
  8. It's not released yet. I'm working on it right now as we speak.
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  9. @rob :D Need it soon ^^
  10. I suggest you to make a symbolic link between permissions folders and exec a /perm reload with a plugin like "Simplecronclone" every 2 minutes on the second server.
    All changes applied on permissions of server 1 should affect perms on server 2.
  11. Rob, I checked out other perm permissions for bungee but none support bukkit perms, are you still making that plugin? Cos that would be brilliant.
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  12. It's slowly getting there. I plan on releasing a first version (although it will not contain the bridge... yet) this week-end (if all goes well). The bridge is a slightly complicated matter, I already have a very good idea of how I'll make it work but I still need to figure out a couple things to make it all flawless. No worries though, this project will definitely come to fruition !
  13. Oh thank god, thanks so much, I will definitely donate to keep this running. Just wondering if it will be able to still use groupmanager or have all its features, but be able to just bridge the servers groupmanager files. Just asking how this would work o.o
  14. There's a lot going on in there, so I'll try to break it down. Perms++Bukkit will be multiple things :
    - A permission manager (called permsman)
    - A permission bridge between bungee and bukkit (called bridger)

    The bridger won't force you to use perms++'s permsman. In fact, by default, perms++'s permsman will disable itself if it finds another one (such as PEX, privileges, etc...), so it won't create conflicts. As far as the bridger goes, it will use vault to hook into the permission manager and do the "node import", effectively allowing it to hook into almost every single permission manager in existence. So the bridger will work with PEX, privileges, bPermissions, zPermissions, etc...

    As to how this would actually, actually work, I have multiple possibilities and I'm still trying to figure out the best :
    1) When a server is connected to for the first time since bungee got started (a user is connecting to that server), have Perms++Bungee send all the nodes to that server, and Perms++Bukkit send all the nodes back to bungee. Subsequently, when permissions are changed, send the changes over. This can considerably slow down the initial connection, especially if you have several thousands/tens of thousands of permissions.
    2) Get the permission from the bukkit/bungee when needed, and keep it in a cache (again if permission changes, update the cache). This makes first permission check slow, for nearly every player.

    I think I'll end up going for the second solution as it's the most elegant, but I'll probably need to do some benchmarking to see which is the most efficient.

    Do note that what I'm saying here is what I believe it will end up as. I'm really trying to keep this as flexible as possible, while having it as powerful as possible.
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  15. Ok, that sounds perfect. Can't wait till its released :) I just installed transporter and saw it had quite a few syncing features, is that related or are they in a completely different ball park?
  16. CatPants Truth is, I have an inner hate towards Transporter :rolleyes:. But I dunno what transporter can do as far as permissions goes. Here's the thing : My solution is reallly focussed on permissions, so I certainly hope it will do that the best !
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  17. roblabla Loving to see the sudden surge in development, anyway just a quick question, will the bridge support something like pex?
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  18. This is getting messy to manage, so if your question is perms++-related, please ask it on Perms++'s thread. The surge in dev is because I finished a couple projects. This question has already been answered MICHAELBYRNEfbi, and the answer is yes.
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  19. Sorry, All I could see on the other thread that it would disable the bukkit permissions plugin if it found something like pex, but nothing on support.
  20. "As far as the bridger goes, it will use vault to hook into the permission manager and do the "node import", effectively allowing it to hook into almost every single permission manager in existence. So the bridger will work with PEX, privileges, bPermissions, zPermissions, etc..."
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