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  1. Hello!

    Which perms should I give a normal plugin to the database? so I can keep the maximum security on it.

  2. NewEraStudios

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    You can create a MySQL user specific for that plugin, with the plugin names for example, and give that user access only to his database, letting it execute SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE i guess it will be okay.
  3. Oh.. Will the plugins be able to create/modify tables with those 3 perms?
  4. NewEraStudios

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    Well it should yes. If you see that it can't, just add the missing permissions to that user and fixed.
  5. Oh, that's for sure a way for seeing which perms requires which plugin.
  6. NewEraStudios

    NewEraStudios Previously VenomApps

    You can ask the developer of that plugin and he will happily answer you with what SQL queries he does.
  7. Strahan


    Negative. You need CREATE and ALTER as well if he wants to create or modify tables.
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  8. Fun fact: Luckperms needs INDEX and DELETE. AdvancedBans also needs DELETE
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