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  1. Adding permissions for different arguments.. so if a player does /command that has it's own permission but like if they wanted to do /command help that would be a different permission. Any links on how I would be able to go about this?
  2. you would have to get a plugin or make your own command in the server.
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  3. Just check the permission for the length of the argument
  4. rofl there isn't much of a better way to explain how to do it. It's simple, not much spoon feeding.
  6. If you think it's fine because it was simple, why did you even reply complaining in the first place?
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  8. Well first check whether the player wrote /command help
    then simply check for whatever permission you want: if(player.hasPermission("") otherwise send him a message that he does not have the permission to use this command and return true ^^