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  1. is their a perm system for bungeecord permissions? One that is compatible with pex pls
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    If you want the same or synced permissions on your Bungee and Bukkit server then you should really be using LuckPerms. It's more modern and efficient than PeX and actually maintained (PeX is pretty much dead). There's also an importer that can easily convert your existing PeX data to LuckPerms which works quite well. (At least the last time I used it, I would imagine they improved it even more in the meantime) The commands are also kinda similar to use, see this wiki page for more info.
  3. luck perms tries so hard to make itself better then pex they made it so god dam complicated, im looking for something more like i can add my bungeecord config perms if that makes sense, not luck perms.
  4. As a person that used Pex who now uses Luck Perms, I do agree with the other person whit this. I switched to Luck perms when we tried to set up permissions to our SQL servers in an update back in November. I never have switched back then again pex is very outdated and I thought it would most likely stop working at some point down the road and considering Luck Perms allows for bungee/Spigot permission syncing, I prefer it over Pex and a careful read of the documentation will tell you it only looks complicated till you read it. Once you start using it you would never switch to Pex again.
  5. Actually i did recently install it on my server because i think we can all agree, pex sql is just broken, anyways, its pretty good however over complicated commands, i switched back to pex and finally got it to work, yes, pex is outdated, however in my eyes its the best permissions plugin to ever exist.