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  1. Does anyone know a bungeecord permissions plugin that is compatible with permissionsex.
    Also it will be nice if there were a group perm. For example if someone had the perm mvp.bungeecord or something they would be in the bungeecord's MVP group. Please and thank you.
  2. I don't think it exists but you can use another permission plugin just for Bungeecord like Luckperms or Bungeeperms
    Also LuckPerms can be used on Spigot servers and if you use MySQL you can link Bungeecord and Spigot perms
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    If you want to have permissions that are synced between Bungee and Spigot then your only real choice is LuckPerms as it was made with that in mind and I highly suggest using it as the provided features are pretty awesome (e.g. the Web Editor). It features a converter from PEx which should easily transfer your existing setup over.
  4. Alright I'll use luckperms! I heard that it's complicated... Also do i install it on all spigot servers or bungeecord? How do i connect it?
  5. You have to install LuckPerms on both your BungeeCord and all your spigot servers, also you should use a database for syncing datas.
    Please note that installing LuckPerms on your BungeeCord don't set permissions for your spigot servers so you have to install on every spigot server.
  6. alright, a few questions left: How do I sync the database (I have a database) and how to I migrate my permissionsex to luckperms because all my permissions for permissionsex are on a database instead of regular spigot server. (Basically all my permissions are stored on the database.) Also does luckperms support inherit feature?
  7. If you would read a liiiitttle bit of documentation from luckperms,
    you would see, that it supports migration from many permissions-systems and of course inheriting from other groups.

    I personally would not recommend to migrate with the luckperms-system.
    LuckPerms supports "context", so you can set permissions per server, per world, per player, for a specific amount of time.
    If you import your old permissions just oike that, there wont be any context-settings.

    But do as you like.
    If you dont need it, its fine.