PermissionsBukkit and ModifyWorld?

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  1. I have been having two problems! So my permissions.yml file was going crazy and the permissions didn't work, but I fixed it by adding the perms manually in-game. But now I'm going through the perms and ranks, and for my MEMBER rank, modifyworld.blocks.interact.* doesn't seem to work for nonops. I try to click a minigame sign, and it doesn't register. I'm thinking okay maybe it's my minigame plugin, but then I give the rank the perm of minigame.join, and it works. I make a command block that says 'say lel' and a lever attached to it, and it also doesn't work (only works when opped), so I'm almost sure its the modifyworld node. Help?
  2. Try just using modifyworld.* That worked for me when I set up my server, so try that node and then come back and I'll see what else I can do.
  3. Hey, thanks for the advice, but that didn't work. here is a video if that helps of my issue!
  4. That really doesn't work out,
    Try the node modifyworld.* and it will overide all plugins and give permissions to everything except PEX.
    Im not sure about other permission systems.
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  5. AYAYAYAYAY!!!!!

    Permissions bukkit is a HORRIBLE plugin!!! I'd get pex or group manager. If you get one of these (I suggest pex) make sure to keep permissions.yml so you can copy the permissions down