PermissionsEX Backend Issue

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  1. Hello everybody, Myself and a few others are working on a 1.11.2 minecraft Spigot server. We are using PermissionsEX as our "Group manager/Permission plugin". Though, we have come across an issue.
    Whenever the server is launched an error in the console appears:
    25.02 23:01:53 [Server] ERROR [PermissionsEx] 25.02 23:01:53 [Server] INFO ========== UNABLE TO LOAD PERMISSIONS BACKEND =========
    25.02 23:01:53 [Server] INFO Your configuration must be fixed before PEX will enable
    25.02 23:01:53 [Server] INFO Details: Error loading permissions file!
    I'm extremely unsure of what do do, as I cannot find an error in the permissions.yml file.
    Permissions.yml -
    Config.yml -
    Any input would be wonderful! Thanks :)
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  2. Can we have your config?
  3. There you go :)
    It has been working fine for the majority of the day, Only when I started adding permissions for Builder, it started messing up...
  4. Problem got solved, but thanks anyways =D