PermissionsEx broke my server!

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  1. Owner is the ''best'' plugin maker for making a plugin that breaks your server. So i installed PermissionsShittex which broke my server. I uninstalled it and restarted my server, but then A WONDERFULL THING happened. PermisssionsCrap plugin was still in there, although i removed it, ALL THE ranks and everything was in there. Server like froze in one stage. I restarted it another 3 times and all the time it was frozen in one stage. Its hard to tell, but there was this one player who just stayed there. In shorter definition the server stayed same, however it was like stuck in time, its hard to explain. When i restarted it like 3 times the player who was there before restart, was still standing in there, although he didnt rejoined. Now i shuttdowned my server and that is all just because of this wonderfull shit permissions plugin.... It broke probally my restart function.
  2. Could you do /ver please?

    Also paste the error messages you are experiencing.
  3. I have always used permissionex without issue. I think the issue is related to the user. I'm curious how you uninstalled it. Removal just requires you to delete the jar file.
  4. i am running pex on my server and its not even broken so it could be BAD SERVER HARDWARE or an bad jar build :p
  5. Bad server hardware? Thats the first time that has been suggested.
  6. if he didnt removed that jar and not even tested
  7. Not too sure what you mean there.