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  1. Hello!

    I was just wondering how I could reset my server's player files without getting rid of the player's ranks. If I was to delete every player file from my 'world' folder, will the players keep their ranks? Also, I am currently running a prison server. Since everyone has to rank up, it's flooding my PermissionsEx 'permissions.yml' file with player info. Does this only happen if a player has more than the default group added to their player's file? One more thing... I need to know how to fully reset my server without removing a player's rank. By fully reset, I mean get rid of the world, player files, but keep the plugins and configuration files and keep the donator ranks that have been set on the players on my server that have donated.

    - PrinceMC
  2. No it will not work out that good because your players UUID is in the world folder. If your doing a restart just add your staff and have buycraft resign all your ranks to your new server so when players join they will get their rank and their new UUID.
  3. MPF


    rest there money by doing /eco reset **

    Then Take all players out of essentials
  4. What do you mean by getting BuyCraft to resign the ranks to my new server?

    Do you just mean clear their money and delete the essentials playerdata file? If that's all it is, then that's simple.
  5. In a different thread I was looking at for more help, someone said "Just reset the worlds and keep all the current files. It wont affect any of the players ranks." Is that all I have to do?