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  1. I'm switching over to PermissionEx MySQL and I'm having a few issues.. First off I setup the SQL backend here's my PEX config file Then I did pex dump sql "permissions.sql" Then I uploaded the file to my PEX db and the permissions didn't work.
    (btw I did restart after uploading the permissions.sql)
  2. PEX is no longer being updated, I suggest you move to plugins such us zPermissions. If you are having making it work then you will have a hard time when PEX starts breaking on the latest minecraft versions.
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  3. It got a new maintainer
  4. I was planning on staying PermissionsEx until it breaks..
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    Switch over now... I am a huge PEX fan but once it breaks you'll be scrambling to update and it won't be fun. Just get it out of the way now!
  6. I suppose but the developer of PEX did mention this, "I will be making a web-based permissions file converter available before releasing PEX 2.0 to convert the PEX database to other permissions plugins. I recommend that users use zPermissions to store permissions. It is well-maintained by a friendly and talented developer and supports all the core permissions-management features."
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  7. Or you could just use GroupManager which has a converter already.
    It's stable, lead by the Essentials team and will never die/be terribly coded like PEX has/is.
  8. Does it have MySQL though?
  9. Nentify


    Later on in the thread, a new developer is continuing the PEX plugin, to what standard or how frequently, I do not know. On the last page, he states he's having issues in real life and has dropped all development for now however. I assume he'll return when he can.
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  10. Using zPermissions for my multi-server setup after switching from PEX months ago, I highly recommend it.
    I don't have too many permissions and I just manually typed 'em in, but the servers became a lot more stable without PEX.
    Doesn't support any form of database, flatfile only. Perfect for more simple needs, but databases are very useful.
  11. There is bPermissions Enterprise Edition.
  12. I am currently making my own permission plugin with will be similar to bPermissions Enterprise Edition, but that actually works. *EnderPerms* :D
  13. Not to thread hijack, but I felt it was related...

    I checked out zpermissions which a lot of people here like and one of my biggest issues is simply I'm addicted to editing .yml's for permissions with notepad++. It's super easy to see the format, layout, and copy/paste... Using all commands seems like a HUGE PITA to define all my permissions starting out. Once I'm setup, I don't mind using in-game commands.

    I'm not experienced enough to write mysql scripts to run for myself, and I don't mind phpmyadmin but... help? Do I just need to get over my addiction or am I missing something when making the transition?