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  1. Hey guys,
    I'm sure this may have been asked a few times before, however I've been trying to work on getting PermissionsEx working with my server. The problem I am having is that no groups are receiving any permissions once de-opped.

    Here's the link to my permissions.yml:
    Here's the list of plugins I use as well:

    If anyone could take a look at it or offer any advice it would be more than appreciated

    Thanks heaps in advance!
  2. Splazeing


    The group default (default group ofcourse) only has the permission modifyworld.*.
    They will only be able to do what that plugin allows them to do.
    Ofcourse you will need to give the group permissions ..
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  3. If you are using PermissionsEx you can make groups with permissions.

    Here is a little [TuT] for it.

    Give yourself permissions to use Pex:
    [Console] pex user <yourname> add *
    Now do you have more permission than a OP player!
    You have a default group, you can change the permissions with: /pex group default add <permission>, and you can change the prefix: /pex group default prefix &7&o(&9Player&7&o), and you can create unlimited more groups with /pex group <groupnane> create
    You can search on google more permissions!

    I am making a permissions page for servers.. its done tomorrow. :)

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  4. The same is the case for the other groups, I managed to fix the default group however after adding a few standard permissions (bukkit.command.list) and so on, it is having no affect.
  5. Just use the plugin Essentials that five you a lot more features and kis easy to use :) i have permissions with the commands for you :)

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    I've never heard of permissions.*, what plugin uses this or is there a reason why you added it?
  7. Permissions.* is not 'Permissions' but only ' * ' it is in use by PermissionsEx.. And give ALL permissions off ALL plugins.. Its better than /Op

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    Oh lol, didn't know.
  9. Its not a problem ;)