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  1. hey I need a permissions.yml file with the following ranks (there will be a rank up plugin that you pay ingame cash for so ill link that in here and ill need to have these ranks in it here is the link

    here are the ranks I want in the plugin

    and here are the pex groups
    Trial Mod
    Trial Admin

    I want it to be made so when u first join u can build and do all the things like /help and /list and so on the things that mean as soon as you join you can play and you wont have to apply to build or anything like that

    also it would be good if the mods dident have cmode and couldent ban people but the had /fly and things like that and they also couldent give them selfs items or stuff

    here are the plugins

    chat color
    chat reaction
    crates plus
    crazy auctions
    daily rewards
    first join plus
    easy set spawn
    gui shop
    kit plugin
    marring plus
    set home
    shop chest
    grief prevention
    simple sit
    super trails

    those are the plugins and also if you could recommend a pet plugin like echopets but for 1.12.1 that would be great

    also if you help me you can have mod on the server

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  2. Good luck.

    You are aware that if you can't even do a PEX file yourself (one of the easiest things to do with a config plugin once you learn how,) you're not going to get much help from Spigot.

    Honestly I can't quite tell whether you're joking or not.

    Oh wait, you have only 4 messages. You're actually serious aren't you?


    If you expect other people to build a server for you... then this is not a place to go. Maybe you should head to MinecraftForums and get someone who'll grief your server in ten seconds. It's probably for the best, anyway....
  3. Getting a ready configuration for free is most likely not going to happen. You could always learn how to use PEX ( and set it up yourself. I linked you to PEX's wiki page, everything you need to know in order to start setting up your ranks/permissions can be found there.
  4. This is something that can be easily done yourself. As an owner, you should know how to use the permissions for plugin you choose. Also, you should at least offer admin to the person who actually does this.

    No need to be salty, we all started out needing help.
  5. Strahan


    I assume the high sodium content is the tone of the post, moreso than the actual nature of the request.
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