PermissionsEX Prefix Not Showing Up

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by FpsCommandoHD, Jul 5, 2015.

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  1. change

    change-displayname: true

    set it to false
  2. It still doesn't work, all that did was make it to where the chat looks like this "Username: Hey" instead of the default "<Username> Hey" which i had already changed in essentials but previously it didn't work. So now that works, but the prefixes still do not show... Any other ideas...?
  3. What are your plugins?
  4. I am testing this on a small server on my pc before i put it back on my dedicated server. The plugins on my home hosted server are:
    PermissionsEX, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsSpawn
  5. Did you write your permission file or did you use the ingame commands?
  6. I wrote it.
  7. Did you try to add the prefix/suffix by the command /pex group <group> prefix/suffix "prefix/suffix"?
  8. Yes, i literally just tried that, with no luck.
  9. Ok, so you should not use EssentialsChat.
  10. So what are you suggesting?
  11. I'm suggesting to delete EssentialsChat. It may cause conflicts with permissionsex's prefix.
    I remember that I had this problem too with those plugins and remove EssentialsChat resolved it.

    The disadvantage is that you can't remove the <> in the chat without EssentialsChat or another chat plugin (if you're searching one try Herochat or LegendChat).
  12. Essentials chat works fine for me.
  13. Very odd... u set your essentials chat correctly... do you have plugins that conflict with the chat?
  14. The only reason i am hesatiant about that is because i use essentials chat on my other 2 servers, and they have no issues and run fine. I moved pex to a MSQL database for those two servers and havent had to touch pex for close to 8 months. I feel i have made a mistake somewhere along the line of me typing the permissions file, or essnetials.
  15. He is only using those plugins for testing them.
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