PermissionsEX prefixes not work...

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  1. Hello! Good valetines day for everyone! I using PermissionsEx but the prefixes not work. I writed prefix into game. And i writed it again at the config? What is problem ?

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  2. You need to install EssentialsChat.
  3. The essentials all essentials plugins?
  4. Install a chat plugin, I always use ChatEx but you could use DeluxeChat or Herochat or EssentialsChat or any other chat plugin :)
  5. You just need essentials and EssentialsChat.
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  6. Maybe the TS only wants the prefixes fixed? then Essentials isn't the fix for this since it will add a lot more than chat ;)

    Then I recommend to just stick to one of these
  7. And vault.
  8. That’s what EssentialsChat does. PermissionsEX needs Vault and a chat plugin to do prefixes.
    The op has Vault.
  9. Wait, i sayed to admin and to coder "come to server and test prefixes plz, i can't come play" xd
  10. Essentials it self will add a lot more features and commands. The OP specified that he/she wants Prefixes fixed nothing else :p
  11. If someone reads my message. I have aldery vault :cool:
  12. The op already has essentials installed though. Adding EssentialsChat will literally make the PermissionsEX prefixes work lol
  13. Oh rip didn't see that in that case just add EssentialsChat. My mistake :oops::rolleyes:
  14. Good valestines day ;3
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  15. And thanks for help!
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