PermissionsEx SQL Ranks Disappeared.

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by MoeXIV, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. As the title states, when I link PEX to my SQL server it seems as if all my ranks are gone and I only have rank "default" (shown through /pex groups)

    I know it's not a database problem because I have another rank sync plugin connected to the same database, but it needs PEX connected as well; so it's syncing me to the default rank (which in this case is the only one).


    Code (Text):
        backend: sql
                uri: mysql://localhost:3306/minecorner1
                user: minecorner
                password: *********
        backend: sql
        createUserRecords: false
        allowOps: false
        debug: false
        user-add-groups-last: false
        basedir: plugins/PermissionsEx
            changes: false
        use-netevents: true
    updater: true
    alwaysUpdate: false
    And my permissions are totally fine, work 100% when on flat file, but once I switch to SQL all ranks seem to disappear.

    22.06 11:07:56 [Server] INFO default #0 []
    22.06 11:07:56 [Server] INFO Registered groups:
  2. Maybe switch to zPerms.