PermissionsEx Timed permission to fly

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  1. In PermissionsEx I create a new group named to allow users earn the fly command as a timed reward.

    Then in command.yml I added shortcut commands as show below. The problem is that when the time runs out the user can still fly until they log out, even though they are no longer in the eagle group.

    I can't simply force the /fly command on them because /fly is a toggle and if they are not in fly mode, I just enabled it.

    - pex user $1 group add eagle Kiqs_Rocks 3600
    - sudo $1 fly
    - pex user $1 group remove eagle *
    - pex user $1 remove *

    Is there a command that disables flying regardless of the current mode.
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  2. Fly is a toggle command. Just have /fly ran again.
  3. Yes as I said /fly a toggle, that's is the problem. If they are already in /fly mode that will disable it, however,
    If they are NOT in fly mode then using /fly will enable it.

    I need to turn fly off regardless of the current state not toggle it.
  4. You can use /fly off and /fly on