Solved PermissionsEx with MySql

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by dangerORclose, Jun 6, 2016.



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  1. SOLVED -

    I need help setting up PermissionsEx for MySql.
    I did try allready but it dienst synchronisate.
    What is want: every server other permissions (if possible), but same groups. So i do only need to promotie then on 1 server and it Will make then same rank on each server.
    Please do not post links to pex Wiki or bukkit or some Else. These dienst work, and are not like i want them to work as explained above.
    Thanks for all that helps me with this.

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  2. MiniDigger


    after decrypting what you wrote I think I know what you want:
    you can't to sync the groups a member has but not the permissions the group has.
    I am afraid that this is not possible. you can sync everything or nothing.
  3. And how do i make it then sync it all?
  4. MiniDigger


  5. Ohh thx, now i know how pex mysql works, i was looking for it for a LONG LONG time
  6. MiniDigger


    wow, you know that google is a thing, do you?
  7. Ofc i know that, but i tried to fix it, but it didnt work, but now i know
  8. Like i said, please do not redirect me to the wiki, this doenst work, and there is no explaination.
    This is my config.yml, and it doenst work.
    Also i have no idea what to do with these aliasses and what they really are meaned for.

    Code (Text):
      use-netevents: true
      backend: sql
          uri: mysql://*****/*****
          user: *****
          password: *****
              permissions: hub_permissions
              permissions_inheritance: hub_inheritance
              permissions_entity: hub_entity
      debug: false
      allowOps: true
      user-add-groups-last: false
      log-players: false
      createUserRecords: false
        changes: true
      basedir: plugins/PermissionsEx
    basedir: plugins/PermissionsEx
    updater: true
    alwaysUpdate: false
  9. MiniDigger


    expain: doesn't work.
    about the aliases, you can leave them alone if you want to. They allow you to rename the tables pex is going to use.
  10. Hi,
    The permissions and groups are now syncing.
    But how can i make it so when user1 is in server1 group Owner that user 2 automaticly becomes group Owner on server 2?
  11. Config from Pex:

    Code (Text):
        backend: sql
                uri: mysql://localhost/databasename
                user: username
                password: password
  12. Once all of your servers are set up to use the same backend (sql), then just set the following command to run every minute or so on each server: /pex reload
    Something like this should work:
  13. Thanks, but that did not solved what i asked.
    Also i will set that up in multicraft as a task.

    My question was how that i can make it so when i set user1 in server 1 to group admin that he will be in group admin in server1, BUT ALSO in server2, server3, etc.
  14. The user will have this rank across all servers as long as they all use the same permissions backend and the pex reload command is run on them.
  15. I also have the problem with the same error
  16. This doenst work for me.
    I see when i do /pex groups on the 2e server that the group is also there in the groups list. After i did pex reload.
    But when i add me to Test on hub then i do /pex reload I go to the 2e server i do also /pex reload, But then am i still on the default rank.
    I tested with it, and all that worls is that when i create a group the group is on all servers, when i add a perm it it also on all servers, But when i set the group to a user, then doenst it work. Im then test in the server where i added myself to it, and not on the 2e server, also not after /pex reload
  17. Once you have configured your backend to sql with all the details, you need to type /pex backend sql in-game.
  18. I don't see why any of that is even necessary? You don't know what you're talking about as you leave out crucial info.
  19. As he already had the backend set to sql in the config, I assumed he had done this for all his servers, hence why I didn't tell him to do it again.
  20. Yes, same config on all my servers.
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