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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Cleo-17, Jun 29, 2016.

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  1. Anyone know if PermissionsEx is now up to date with 1.10? I want to try something new besides Essentials.. nor do I know if Essentials is 1.10 but it probably would be.. And also if it is up to date with 1.10, can someone send the download link to PermissionsEx?
  2. nvm, I'll skip PermissionsEx
  3. yea pex is so bad it breaks every few weeks or so
  4. ;D i can help with groupmanager
    Just give me ip (groupmanager is mostly ingame)
  5. It's all good, I've used groupmanager for 2 years :) thanks anyway. I'm still using Essentials and groupmanager
  6. I've using PEX for few days and it's working fine. Today I tried update it to 2.0 (build at 25 Jun) and breaks two of my plugins (AuthMe and Dynmap). In this version it uses json instead of yaml for define the permissions and bring some others features.
  7. Yeah.. I don't really like Pex, commands are weird.. but it is an advanced group managing plugin right?
  8. EssentialsX is just like Essentials but has a few add-ons like /createkit and stuff
  9. Yes. It support multiple inheritance, regular expressions, multiworld support, UUID support, etc.

    After essentials be almost abandoned, essentials's community created a fork and called it as essentialsX. Kit is a feature from original essentials and was slightly modified (improved) in X version, along with chat and others features. Almost nothing new.
  10. its not that advanced (i used it for 2 months and had to delete it cuz it broke my server and used a backup so i dont recommend it) pex is mostly config and gm is mostly ingame and some cmds ./mangaddi ./? groupmanager btw you can use essentials in the newer versions also ..... and gm also has multiworld support
  11. I think this one is the correct url. As I said, I'm using pex for few days and it's my first time creating a mc server. For while, pex in my tests r working fine.
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  12. thats essentialsx and the original essentials made to work with spigot is the link which i gave :l
  13. I don't know. I'm using the essentials from that link with spigot (paperclip) and it's working. Talking about this, after I update the essentials (yesterday), all chat messages are showing a prefix [L] before the group name and I don't know where it come from.
    I try use the last version from the link you gave and the prefix not gone away. I'm hopeless again. Thanks!
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  14. I've used pex now for years and it never broke anything, and it has MySQL Support which is really important at a certain amount of players. (Querying the needed data just when they're needed is simply faster than loading 10000 or even more permisdion-dazas on server Startup.
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  15. maybe its MySQL i dont use it XD i like gm tho got used to it ;D
  17. you can disable chat radius in the config ;D
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