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  1. I lost my perms if I used permissionsex.How can I solve it ?
  2. Add yourself to a star group.
  3. I want to explain more.I gaved my perms back and if I do disconnect I lost my perms or I gaved my perms back and in like 1 day I lost my perms again
  4. Could you give us the startup log, /about and the plugins list?
  5. Buzzzy


    Go into console and do /pex user (yourname) add * that will give you all the perms.
  6. I need like mute perms not all
  7. Buzzzy


    pex user (yourname) add essentials.mute

    pex user (yourname) add essentials.unmute to unmute.

    For all essential perms, including banning do pex user (yourname) add essentials.*