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  1. Hi guys,Im have a problem With Pex,Not opped players doesnt have any permissions although the permissions are added in permissions.yml file(Prefixes works)
  2. What's your currently active backend?
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  3. Permissions to what? Can you post your config and reward what you're asking please?
  4. I think he means all permissions.
  5. Well, then.
    He can just add this group, you can change the prefix but to give the group all permissions you can add - '*' permissions.
    Code (Text):
          default: false
          prefix: ' &f[&6PrefixHeret&f] '
        - default
        - '*'
        - modifyworld.*
    Don't forget to add the permission - modifyworld.* to allow the group to have pex commands in-game.
  6. If u need help msg me
  7. if you are OP, you shouldn't bother. I don't know why'd you give PEX control to any staff member.
  8. Fixed by myself by downgrading the permissions ex version 0_o