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  1. Hi,
    I am looking for a premade PermissionEx file that I can use for my server with lot's of ranks.

  2. You will need to be more specific than that
  3. :p basic essentials commands (worth,sell,sethome,spawn,hat etc) for Members ( I will edit some of the permissions of course.)
  4. I to lazy to make one.... Sorry :(
  5. You can easily just google one of these....
  6. I have one.
    - Player
    - Member
    - VIP
    - Donator
    - Sponsor
    - Premium
    - Champion
    - Hero
    - God
    - Legend
    - Helper
    - Mod
    - Admin
    - Co-Owner
    - Owner

    I could send over to you if you'd like it.
    Mostly based on Essentials permissions, with some effects from an effect plugin.
  7. Yes please that would be awesome!!!
  8. Sorry, are you still sending me the files?
    Thanks :D
  9. Do you want me to send you a file with the permissions?
  10. If your to lazy to make one, your server must not mean to much to you, or you would make one.
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  11. But maybe he/she just doesn't know how to and just wants to do it for a group of friends or something
  12. First of all thank you for defending me :D and second of all yes please send the file that would be awesome!
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