Spigot PerPlayerBlood 2.6

PPB send blood particles to your Client!

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    Per Player Blood - Best blood-plugin!

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  2. Can you make a function in the config so everybody would have blood enabled on join ?
  3. Sure
  4. seems great i just wish we could configure the blood per entity :)
  5. Hello, I run a bungee network. Would you mind adding mysql storage people's status of turning on and off ?
    I.e player may turn off in lobby so the do not see blood in game.
    Thank you very much.
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    Player's stats file.

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  7. good plugin ^^
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    1.9 Update

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  9. Can you add residence/factions/worldguard support when if you don't get damage you wouldn't get blood particles
  10. There is, let me know if aren't working.
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  11. Relinquished


    Any chance of adding different particles for different entities?
  12. Sure. :)
  13. I haven't seen any documentation for different types of entity bloods, so where exactly would I put this in the configs?

    Code (Text):

    Blood-Material: OBSIDIAN
    All-Damage-Mode: 'true'
    Max-View-Distance: '12.0'
    Effect-Multiplier: '2'
    EffectX: '0'
    EffectY: '1'
    EffectZ: '0'
  14. This isn't done yet.