PersistentDataContainer but for bungeecord

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  1. for spigot plugins there is PersistentDataContainer and I was wondering if there is the same thing except for bungeecord plugins
  2. Choco


    BungeeCord has no concept of blocks, tile entities or entities (with the exception of ProxiedPlayer though that's not a "player"). Thus it has no access to NBT data. When you're writing a BungeeCord plugin, you're writing a plugin for the proxy, not the server. What reason do you have to want to access an entity's NBT? That's something you should do with a plugin. Your bungee cord plugin, however, can act as a middle man to transfer it from one plugin instance to another.
  3. I do not want to look at nbt or metadata
    I do not want to look at metadata in one of my threads I posted a while ago someone told me that PersistentDataContainer can store data through reloads. so I would like to be able to store any data through bungeecord stopping and restarting
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    Unrelated to BungeeCord, unfortunately. There's no access to NBT data on the proxy. You should write to file instead.
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