Person teleported from nether to overworld, and can no longer load into the overworld without kick

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  1. Hello! I have a very weird problem pertaining to what world this player is in. We thought it was a network error at first but everything checks out on both of our ends. This player, when loading into the overworld or the nether, is stuck floating in the void, and does not get player messages either, but we can see theirs. We teleported this person to the end and they can walk around just fine, and see everything as if they're perfectly connected. When in the overworld, they get the message that they timed out, and in the console I just get a message that they timed out. I've loaded the server's world into single player to clear its cache and put it back in the server files but that didnt work. I've been googling for an hour but I cant find anyone having this issue. Any help would be appreciated!!

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  2. If they are timing out then it is possible its their side, Have the player lower their render distance (So it isn't trying to load so many chunks) and load back in