Spigot Personal Healer - [Skript] 0.1

Great perk to give to your supporters

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    Personal Healer - [Skript] - Great perk to give to your donators

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  2. This is really cool. You should make it have a cooldown, so people can't use it constantly. Also, maybe make an option to disable during PVP ( some people might not want people to use it during PVP). Also, is there a way to configure how many hearts the villager heals? I would probably only have him heal like 2 or 3 hearts maybe, maybe 4, so allowing people the ability to change how much health is healed would really make it great. Sorry if you have already done any of this, I haven't actually tried the plugin and I don't see this stuff on the overview. You should add to this idea and make other ones, like witches, where people can call their witch and it will come and splash a few splash potions of Poison and Instant Damage on enemy players, that would be really great. Maybe also make skeleton ones that come when called and shoot some arrows for a configured amount of time, also Zombies could be used to attack enemy players for a certain amount of time too. I think this plugin could actually have some great potential if you were to do that. It would kind of be like having a companion in mmorpg games like NeverWinter, etc...
  3. Thank you for this post. In the config it is possible to have it heal a certain amount of hearts. About the other ideas I do like them but I'm currently working on two other projects (Cases/Box Opening and KitPVP)