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  1. Hey! I am using Mutiverse to get more than one world. I am also using the Practice plugin "ProPratice" .

    ProPratice gives a scoreboard on the said which tells ur PVP ELO and stuff. It also has Hotbar setup which give u a sword for ranked or unranked matches. But My server is for both survival and praticePvP and I have 3 worls, A main hub, Pratice PVP hub and a survial world. How do I limit the scoreboard only be used in the PraticePVP hub but not every single world?

    Btw I've tried perworldplugins and it doesn't work. It gives a 'Server is still starting' error when joining the server and I've tried wait for half and hour and it still doesnt work.
  2. 1. ProPractice should have a config to limit the scoreboard to specific worlds (I've personally neer used it)
    2. Does PerWorldPlugins or another plugin throw an error when you start the server?
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  3. @MrLetsplay Okay, so Perworldplugins doesn't work, it doesn't come up in the plugin list when I installed. The author also said I need "Java 8". I am not really sure how to change my server to java 8 but people tell me to change my server.jar (which I assume is spigot_1.8.8.jar) to custom18.jar. But when I change my spigot_1.8.8.jar to custom18.jar it just crashes. And I am not really sure is PerWorldPlugins for 1.8.8 spigot. Can someone pls help me?

    [Server] WARN Unable to access jarfile /jar/custom18.jar

    Edit: PerWorldPlugins Worked Thank you!
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  4. Where are you hosting your server? There should be an option to change the Java version from Java 7 to Java 8.
    Changing the name of the jar doesn't do anything, except if the start process tries to start the jar, it will not find it. That's why your server crashes when you rename the server jar.
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  5. I am hosting it on ApexMinecraftHosting. How do I change it?
  6. You can't, that's a shared host. Also, you should be updating to the latest spigot 1.11.2 build, 1.8 is old and unsupported. You shouldn't be using it. You can try contacting their support and asking them to update the java version, but it's unlikely they will.