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  1. I have an issue with perworldplugin... I have everything set up how I want it and couple minutes later, I cant do GMC or even go through teleporters (multiverse-portals) and so much more, im getting sick of it, i just want to set up commands in different worlds
  2. PerWorldPlugins doesn't work on newer versions anymore, something has changed what prevents such thing from being done, best way now is to edit code of plugins manually to add world checks
  3. Many plugins have options to disable and enable in certain worlds.

    I honestly, and whole heartly can say, that forcing plugins to run per world (like what your trying to use) can and will cause far more issues that its ever worth. If you can disable/enable a plugin a certain world, via its own config, sure, go for it. If you need to force it via another plugin, just dont.
  4. how could i do that?
  5. I assume you mean, set a plugin to only work in a set world.

    Well in the config.yml for whatever plugin you want to set. There might be an option somewhere for 'enabled-worlds' or something along those lines. If the config doesnt have this, its likely you cannot limit it to a set world without external interference.
  6. I have an idea about using the lp editor but i know how to add permissions but i don't know how to add them to a specific world
  7. Per world permissions might be supported depending on the permission plugin you use.
    I know the PEX, LuckPerms and GroupManager have per world roles and permission groups, but thats something you'll need to look into yourself.
  8. im trying man but there all outdated tutorials :'(
  9. Strahan