PerWorldPlugins 1.13.

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  1. I don't have so much money to pay for a plugin. :/
  2. Don't expect everything to be free. Sometimes it takes a huge amount of time to make these plugins work and the devs of them need some appreciation for it. And I know they cost money there is some I can't afford either but you manage with that you got.
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  3. PerWorldPlugins has proved to be an important fix for one of my plugins in several cases. I'm not sure why it's not updated anymore. @Mylescomputer is definitely not inactive. I can well imagine taking it over or at least forking it if it's discontinued.
  4. He said because it is buggy and breaks a lot of things with servers. I personally do not recommend using it.
  5. It breaks things, but it's needed... I can't let my players do /f claim in my Survival world. x)
  6. I´m using it for years now, never had any issues with PWP. I already got it working for 1.13, but needs more fixing to suppress plugin commands in disabled worlds.
  7. If you are using a permission plugin at all then give a negative permission for instance if your using luckperms which I personally recommend do /perm group default permission set essentials.whatever false worldname. If your using group manager do the permission and put - at the beginning to deny the permission in that world.
  8. If it's just that, you can (or at least could in the past) just exclude this world from claiming in the Factions config.
  9. Only give the permission for /f claim in the factions world.
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  10. Here is the list of permissions:
    Here are the claim permissions:
    Code (Text):
      factions.set: {description: set faction territory, default: false} {description: set faction for a single chunk, default: false} {description: set faction as you walk around, default: false}
      factions.set.fill: {description: set faction by filling, default: false}
      factions.set.square: {description: set faction by square and radius, default: false} {description: set faction by circle and radius, default: false}
  11. It is not about beeing too lazy to set up permissions. For sure you can remove permissions for plugins in some worlds.
    Completely disabling all functions of a plugin is sometimes a better solution.
  12. Yeah... Exactly MrSpock !
  13. I have a server with 4 gamemodes, and doing it via the permissions way its the best option for me.
  14. I have a plotworld, a survival, a faction, a skyblock, and some pvp games and mini-games so I need PerWorldPlugins. :D
  15. What you need is bungeecord. That is WAY too much to be running on one server and have it stable. It may cost more but it will be hella worth it. Your server must be strained as hell right now. I can understand like Factions, a hub and survival or something but my god you need bungeecord.
  16. Currently, my server works fine