Spigot PerWorldServer | Per world Tablist and chat! | 1.8-1.16.4 3.5

Allow only players from each world to chat and see to each other!

  1. Can you update to 1.16.4 or do you have discord?
  2. Struck713 updated PerWorldServer | Per world Tablist and chat! | 1.8-1.16.4 with a new update entry:

    Update to 1.16 & some features removed (for now)

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  3. Hi for some reason after disabling the perworld tablist in the config its still per world and idk why.
  4. /ignore is broken? Why? I'm using essentialsX, and without PerWorldServer /ignore works fine, but once PerWorldServer is installed, /ignore doesn't do a single thing. It says that it's working but you can still see the person talking.
  5. Hi!

    I'm getting this error on my every server. This one is for 1.12.2. I deleted the config but I still receiving that. Also it gives that error on 1.8 too.

  6. You can use ConditionalEvents plugin for this. The event's name is "player_world_change" I guess. You can find more information about that from their wiki page.
  7. Love this plugin!

    I mainly use this plugin purely to separate the tablist (playerlist when holding Tab) per world.
    This is because I host Hide & Seek games and that way I can easily see how many and which players are still hidden on the map.

    What I'd love to see changed:
    When I type a command for example /tp playername me it doesn't suggest the playername to me if the player is in a different world.

    This can be quite troublesome cause I have to remember the exact way the name of that person was written and since I have lots of new players joining and going it can be hard.

    With global chat (ON) it would be great to see player names show up so I can just type the first letter and tab to have it complete it for me. Sometimes a name has random numbers so it's a hassle having to ask them to write the exact name down if you have to use commands on many different players quickly.
  8. Hi there,

    Is there any kind of ETA for the world pairing to be restored? This is a crucial element to many minecraft servers, and I cannot find an alternative to even remotely meet the standards of your plugin.

    Thank you
  9. Could you add an announcement command? To send messages over all worlds?

    Also, can you group worlds? Like World and world, neither can talk?
  10. Does this handle inventories? Like ender chest and player inventory
  11. I hope below list.

    1,world pairing(grouping)
    2, include all of server message option (join/leave/death etc...)
    3, Add permission to receive all messages. do not outgoing.
  12. so i installed it into my server.pro server, and then restarted it.
    but the world i created with multiverse is still connected to the old one, how do i seperate a world from the other?
  13. Does this Support TAB plugin?
  14. Funziona in 1.17?
    Cmq sembra un buon plugin
  15. When will there be 1.17 support?
  16. Uhh... My server doesn't read the plugin. Help please. Server is on 1.14.4. Does it need any other plugins? I mean: EssentialsChat, GeoIP, XMPP etc.?
  17. Hello , why when i made new world with multiverse it won't make it specific tab/chat , it just get instant connect with other worlds.. but i want my world be alone.
  18. Does this work with LP (luck Perms)?