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  3. Screenshots, examples? better way of explaining? Does this mean if I make a kit in 1 world, it will not show up in the other world?
  4. @zDarkon
    I will be redoing the details in a bit for more understanding.
  5. @zDrakon

    Not @zDarkon XD
  6. 0_0 Thats all it does ?!?!?!?! Why not use essentials and use a starter kit for newbies in the config?!?!?!?!
  7. @zDrakon

    It gives a starter kit for each world

  8. Bonjour comment fonctionner l'enchanteur est la tradition ?
  9. Is this plugin still alive? I'm interested in using this but I'm worried about it not being supported in the future.
  10. Yeah it still works.
  11. "Works" which is great, for right now. But I want to focus on the long term. If I build my entire server around a plugin that "still works" for now, and it breaks l'll have to redo my whole server setup.
  12. I've been using this since it came out, have had no problems with it. So obviously its good long term.
  13. Again, that's great for right now. But no matter what has happened thus far it can't guarantee the future. Each plugin will break at a different point, depending on what they use. The API is always changing with libraries being added and removed and eventually whatever this plugin uses will change, breaking the plugin.

    I'm offering the server to the public as a professional product and expecting players to dedicate their time and possibly money to it, I need to be able to guarantee long term stability and reliability in return.
  14. Have you even tried the plugin on a siderserver (your computer) to test if its "still working". It would probably best if you did that, so you know for what ever reason you are needing it for.
  15. SlimeDog

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    I like the per-world aspect. Does anyone know if enchanted items are supported, and if so, how to specify them?

    UPDATE: No, I see that is on the "to do" list, but the plugin is abandoned, and no sources. :(
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  16. SlimeDog

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    The main problem with PWSK, other than being abandoned, is that the file-based storage structure is going to grow excessively large on a server with a decent-sized and active population. An efficient database is required. But...abandoned.

    Actually, it's worse. The storage file removes comments (even at the top of the file) and throws exceptions if the (manually-edited) configuration file has errors. And the configuration must be manually edited to add items. :(

    Very clumsy implementation of a good idea.
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