1.17.x Petition for Javadocs in spigot artifact

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  1. The prefix is what it is because it fits no single categories, but I think it should still be part of development. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it is just a maven problem, but if spigot-api artifact has Javadocs included, why not do the same for spigot's? At least for the parts that are also in spigot-api. It would be of help 3000.
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    the internal stuff is not javadoc'd, spigot itself also includes large amounts of vanilla code which cannot be distributed, hence this is basically unviable for legal reasons and also generally useless
  3. So what I meant is for internal stuff to be javadoc'd. I understand that spigot itself contains other stuff, like mojang's authlib, nms, craftbukkit, and I of course would understand if they can't be touched. But I just presume it is legally viable to javadoc the rest. I agree it is generally useless if it is because most of its usages should be kept within what is provided by spigot-api. But it would be helpful for developers who decided to use just one of the resources only provided by spigot artifact, and receive no javadoc aids for the rest of the development.

    Maybe that's also asking too much since we can search them up in online api, but ya know, just asking...
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    legally viable sure, but, generally pointless, most of what the CB classes do which can be doc'd are already doc'd by the API classes they implement or are internal util classes not designed for usage externally, I just don't see the need or use for this
  5. It is definitely not a need, just a nice thing for a developer to be able to hover over methods for docs while developing. It may also be just personal preference.
  6. Well... my IDE (IntelliJ IDEA) does search overridden methods for javadocs.